Say it with me now -

The oral contraceptive pill is NOT the answer to your hormonal issues

Are you constantly being told that the only option for your hormonal issues is the oral contraceptive pill, or other hormonal contraceptives?  I am here to tell you that there are other options out there that do not involve a band-aid approach. The oral contraceptive pill and other hormonal contraceptives do not “balance” your hormones, they mask the problem. I am here to help you get to the root cause of your hormonal imbalances and teach you everything you need to know about them.

Understanding how hormones work shouldn't require a doctor's degree, and the truth is that many negative hormone symptoms are not normal. You don't have to simply accept them and live with the discomfort. If you are ready to address your hormone concerns or are seeking support for an existing hormonal condition, I will assist and guide you throughout the process, demonstrating what is genuinely achievable at every step. I will help you Embrace Your Period and Wave Goodbye to the Misery that normally comes with it. 

I also assist with all thing’s vagina health. The vagina contains it's own unique microbiome and unfortunately for us, this microbiome can be easily disrupted by hormones, diet, hygiene, and what we put it and around our vaginas. This can lead to infections and very uncomfortable symptoms. 

If you have vaginal discharge, pain, burning, itching or an unpleasant odour, I can help by getting to the root cause of your symptoms.

Every woman’s body is different, which is why I like to work one-on-one with every client. Let’s begin this journey to better hormones and/or a healthier vagina together. 

Specialising in womens health

Areas of expertise

I work with all of the following conditions & needs, plus anything else related to hormones.

    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome 
    • Endometriosis
    • Adenomyosis 
    • PMS (pre menstural symptoms): bloating, sugar craving, anxiety, breast tenderness, mood fluctuations, headaches or migraines
    • Heavy periods 
    • Absent periods 
    • Painful periods 
    • Light periods
    • Recurring vaginal infections including thrush and bacterial vaginosis
    • Transitioning off birth control
    • PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder)
    • Menopause 
    • Peri-menopause
    • HPV virus 
    • Acne
    • Infertility 
    • Preconception and pregnancy care 
    • Fibroids
Work with a qualified nutritionist

How I can help you

During a consult we will explore the depths of your body, diet and lifestyle, getting to the hidden culprits that wreak havoc on your monthly bliss. We’ll talk about how your possible hormone imbalance is impacting you and I will formulate a detailed plan for the best way to proceed. To truly crack the code of your hormonal symptoms, I will usually recommend hormonal blood testing and for vaginal concerns I recommend a vaginal microbiome test which gives a detailed picture of what is driving your symptoms.  

3-5 weeks later we will have a follow up 

We will have the results from any hormone testing and can discuss your progress and ongoing goals.

We may need to adjust the prescription of supplements, set new goals for your treatment, and schedule future appointments.

As a minimum, I recommend at least two follow up appointments over three months. Three months is a realistic timeframe for working on hormone imbalances, but this varies from person to person as everybody responds to treatment differently. 

Want to get to the root cause of your health issues?

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