1 hour Initial Nutrition Consultation


Initial consultations are in depth discussions, covering all aspects of what make you, you. We will dig deep into your overall health to determine the underlying cause for your health concerns. We will discuss your goals, medical history and current nutrition and lifestyle. From here I can identify the major changes required so you can implement these prior to your follow-up consultation

Some supplementation may be offered. They will be of the best quality and at a dose that is specific to what your body needs, rather than over the counter pills taken at a ‘general’ dose that may not be what you require.

Additional study also takes place outside the consultation which is included in the cost. If needed I  will provide you with further information specific to your interests & personal health profile, other handouts and resources as well as being available to answer any further questions you may have.

After the first consult, I put together an individual and extensive treatment plan specific for you and your needs. This will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your consult. 

Tailored Roadmap to a Healthier Lifestyle

What is usually included in your treatment plan?

  • A breakdown of each supplement you will be taking, why you are taking it and how to take it– supplements given will range from practitioner grade supplements either in capsules, tablet or powder form. 
  • A tailored action plan on what you need to do moving forward to achieve your health goals;
  • General diet and lifestyle strategies please note I do not include Meal Plans in the 1st consultation due to time constraints. Although I am happy to discuss and organise meal plans at future consultations;
  • Educational handouts to suit your individual needs which may include food lists, stress reduction strategies, information about your condition, recommended readings plus many more;
  • An outline of pathology rules, this will tell you how to complete your blood tests to ensure you have get accurate results;
  • If I am referring you for functional gut testing, I  will organise to have the kits directly sent to your home.

Other Services

Continued Support through Follow-Up Consultations

  • 20-30 minute follow up consultations ($120.00)

    Further follow up consultations help you to stay on track and allow us to adjust certain parts of the treatment plan to suit you. In a follow up we will assess your progress, review any further test results, and offer any additional education. 

    As a minimum, I recommend at least two follow up appointments over three months for most clients, but some more complex conditions such as endometriosis may require 4-6 appointments. Many of my clients continue to work with me for longer to keep working on their health goals

  • Total health package with gut testing included ($1100.00)

    • This includes your initial consultation 
    • 4 x follow ups
    • GI-Map test 
    • Analysis of the GI Map report
    • treatment plans
    • email support.
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